Getting Informed in (In-)Stable Regions

Getting Informed in (In-)Stable Regions


Course Summary

In this module the students will learn how to research and carry out an analysis of the media system. They independently work out the following dimensions of a media system analysis while at the same time locating a specific project in the media system.

  • Structuring of the media landscape
  • Economic context of the media market
  • Legal and political framework of the media landscape
  • Reach of individual media and quality of the media variety
  • Level of freedom of the press
  • Technological infrastructure in the host country


Educational Goals

  • Students are able to research, analyze and evaluate the structure as well as the economic and legal framework conditions of a media system in a given host country.
  • Students have the capability to effectively plan and place their own information and advertising campaigns in a media system.



  • Individual Analyses on journalistic ethics, principles of journalism, regulations, press freedom and pluralism in a chosen country
  • Group discussions
  • Media system analysis as the final paper


Course Structure:

  • Unit 1: Structures of Media Systems
  • Unit 2: Basic Principles and Theories of Journalism
  • Unit 3: Pluralism, Media Freedom, and Regulation


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