Prof. Dr. Georgiy Kasianov

About Prof. Dr. Georgiy Kasianov

Georgiy Kasianov was born in Cheliabinsk, Russia. He received his Doctoral diploma (History) from the Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Currently, he is Head of Department of Contemporary History and Politics at the Institute of History of Ukraine (Kyiv) and professor at the National University ‘Kyiv Mohyla Academy’. Author and co-author of 15 books on social, intellectual and political history of Ukraine in 19th to 20th century and on theories of nation and nationalism. He taught at Helsinki University (1998), Harvard (2005), European Humanities University (Vilnius 2007).

His research interests include: The rewriting of histories in the post-Communist world, theories of nation and nationalism and the history of the Ukraine.

1. Eastern Europe: A Dissolving Concept?

2. Eastern Europe: History


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